Chase Gosling vs Matt Vine #PPWRewind

The Vine / Gosling feud had been brewing for months! Two former tag team partners, put on different paths meet for the biggest prize in the midwest! One a champion, the other constantly stalled in his upwards progress. “The 5 Tool Player” Chase Gosling and “World Exclusive” Matt Vine compete to find out who will walk out a champion.

Finally back in the top seat of contention for the title, Matt Vine entered the Premier Studio more driven than ever to bring home the gold, but he would have to go through the current champion, Chase Gosling, to do so. With a long history of being both friends and foes, the two searched high and low for new ways to overcome the other until both had exhausted nearly everything they had in their tanks. That’s when all hell broke loose. The referee, once again, found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and was incapacitated. A second referee emerged, but was quickly taken out of the equation as well. As Vine and Chase brawled in the ring, members of the PPW roster charged the ring to separate the two. That was when Ronny Metro emerged and was quickly disposed of, but returned wielding a baseball bat and cleared the ring. Randy Ricci came to ringside to address the issue and announced that, instead of having a rematch next week between Vine and Gosling and a #1 contenders match between Scott Colton and Iniestra, there will be a five-way elimination match for Chase’s World Heavyweight Championship! He will defend against Matt Vine, Scott Colton, Iniestra, and Ronny Metro!

This match was filmed at Premier Studios in Woodstock, IL at Premier Pro Wrestling #PPW105 on 8/20/16. Watch more matches, promos and highlights on PPW’s Official YouTube Channel.