Training School

Do you aspire to become a professional wrestler? Do you “love” the industry, can you take criticism, and are you ready to “put your money where your mouth is”?

The Premier Pro Wrestling Training facility is in Chicagoland. Located in Woodstock, IL. There are other training facilities out there BUT, none of them provide:

– The safest ring.

– 3 days a week training.

– The opportunity to perform and learn in front of a live crowd EVERY Saturday evening WHEN you are deemed ready.

– Training and being agented by Randy Ricci and former WWE/OVW/ECW superstar KC James with over 50 combined years of experience in the wrestling industry!

Randy and KC’s “thumbprint” are on too many wrestlers to list. INCLUDING CM Punk and Cody Rhodes!

KC was a top draw in IWA Puerto Rico for two years and under contract for WWE for over 5 yrs with extensive experience on SMACKDOWN and also RAW.”

Since our inception, we have sent six different individuals down to Florida for official WWE/NXT tryouts.

Randy has helped several individuals get hired by WWE and WWE currently has several of our talents on their radar. The wrestling industry is beyond competitive and there are no guarantees. But, we will guarantee you that we will always meet you half way and you’ll get out of wrestling what you put into it.

Wrestling “dues” must be paid but, NOT in the form or bullying nor humiliation. We have a very supportive environment and operate as a professional sports team. We are experts in helping you find your wrestling style and helping you find and develop your character.


Training Instructor

Randy Ricci, has been in the industry for over 30 years. In that time he has worked as an on-air talent for NWA, WWF/WWE, WCW, USWA, AWA, World Class Championship Wrestling and has worked behind the scenes for Ring of Honor, IWA-Puerto Rico And Randy was TNA Impact on SPIKE production manager and helped create and produce some of the highest rated programming in both SPIKE and Impacts history.

Don’t be fooled by other “schools” about their experience levels and accomplishments.
And the word “exposure” that is commonly thrown around!

PPW’s YouTube Channel has almost 50,000 subscribers and is in the top 25 wrestling channels in the world.


Training and Tryouts

Our focus is on IN RING training not CrossFit. We are currently open Tuesday and Wednesday evenings also, Saturdays at 3 pm. We suggest you first set up a try-out so, we can see your aptitude and physical level and for you to know what your getting into before you make the commitment.

The try-out fee is $200 which (if you decide to train) gets applied to the total training fee which is $2400 (most pay that off at $200 per month).

CONTACT US for more information about our training school and to schedule a tryout. Feel free to speak with staff members at one of our live studio tapings in Woodstock, IL.