Full Results #PPW216

Full match results from September 15, 2018 #PPW216 taping at Premier Pro Wrestling studios in Woodstock, IL and Post Show Wrap Up with Justin Barlow and Skye Blue.



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With the World Heavyweight Championship gauntlet looming heavy, some of the participants looked to gain an early edge going into the main event. The first participant looking for some early momentum was one half of the newly crowned PPW World Tag Team Champions, Matt Vine, who faced off against the wily Kim Chee, but with the possibility of earning his fifth reign as PPW Champion within his grasp, Matt made short work of Kim Chee and scored a pin fall in the opening contest.


After being robbed of an opportunity to become one half of the Tag Team Champions last week, Skye Blue was out for revenge against the man who had cost her that opportunity, Connor Corr. Knowing that a vengeful fire burned inside of Skye after #PPW215, Connor spent the opening moments of the match stalling as much as possible in order to avoid Skye’s wrath, but eventually he was forced to tangle with her in the ring and while Connor was able to deliver some offense, an unpleasant meeting with the top turnbuckle after a failed submission attempt saw Connor get rolled up with a schoolboy, giving Skye the payback she sought, but immediately following the bell, Connor began taking revenge of his own, assaulting Skye in the ring. That was when Zero 1 entered the ring and it appeared as if he was about to assist Connor in his beatdown of Skye, but as Connor held Skye defenseless, Zero 1 took that moment to strike Connor instead of Skye and delivered a DDT to his now apparently former mentor. It seems that Connor leaving Zero 1 to fend for himself against Jay Bradley and TJ Steel at #PPW215 was the final straw for Zero 1 and now it seems that Connor’s camp has experienced a significant shake-up with Zero 1’s defection. Because of this turn of events, Zero 1 has been granted a match with Connor this Saturday at #PPW217. The lingering question now is will the student become the master or does Connor still have one more lesson to teach his former pupil?


With the luck of the draw playing heavily into how the main event championship gauntlet would play out, it was anyone’s ballgame and three young and hungry competitors wanted to seize the moment and take home the PPW World Heavyweight Championship, but would first have to contend with each other in a triple threat showcase. Those three competitors were Sem Sei who, with Iniestra out of town, would be left to fend for himself, Anakin, who believed luck was on his side due to #PPW216 falling on his 18th birthday, and the man with the shortest amount of experience in the match, but who has also displayed an incredible amount of heart and drive since his debut, Jose Acosta. Knowing he was outnumbered in the match, Sem immediately tried to make nice with Jose in an attempt to get Jose to turn the tide in Sem’s favor, but the gesture only resulted in Sem being promptly ejected from the ring and, with Sem now out of the equation, Anakin and Jose were free to lock up, but this ended up working in Sem’s favor. As Anakin and Jose tangled in the ring, Sem was able to look on from outside the ring, pick his spot, then re-enter the ring when the moment was right for him to seize the advantage and, while all three traded the momentum for over thirty grueling minutes, it was Sem who delivered the fatal blow to the competition, slamming both Anakin and Jose together and picking up the victory by way of pin fall, earning some much needed steam heading into the main event.


With all of the emphasis on crowning new World Tag Team Champions at #PPW215, PPW World Heavyweight Champion, Chase Gosling, was given a break from defending his title, but with new tag champs now crowned — Chase being one of them — attention turned back to the PPW Championship and the champion’s chances of retaining were greatly reduced, because the match would be contested as a random drawing eight man gauntlet. Before the match, all eight men drew numbers at random. The competitors who drew numbers one and two would begin the match. When one was eliminated by way of pin fall, submission, count out, or disqualification, the competitor who drew the next number in the sequence would enter the ring to take his place. The match would continue on until only two men were left and those two would compete for the PPW World Heavyweight Championship. The sequence of matches and eliminations went as follows…

Zero 2 w/ Connor Corr def. La Tarantula by way of pin fall when Connor disguised himself as Zero 2 and took his place in the match

Zero 2 def. “Not Bad” Chad by way of pin fall when Connor again disguised himself as Zero 2 and held Chad’s tights

Zero 2 def. “The World Exclusive” Matt Vine by way of pin fall when Connor held Matt’s foot down from outside the ring

Jose Acosta def Zero 2 by way of disqualification when Connor interfered in the match

Sem Sei def. Jose Acosta by way of pin fall after hitting Jose with a kendo stick while the referee was distracted

Anakin def. Sem Sei by way of pin fall when he ran into the ring immediately following Sem’s victory and rolled Sem up with a schoolboy

With six men now eliminated, the fate of the championship would now be decided with young Anakin standing tall in the ring awaiting the final participant, the reigning champion, Chase Gosling who apparently had gained favor with Lady Luck, drawing the number eight spot in the gauntlet. With all of the marbles, as they say, on the line, Anakin fought with every ounce of his heart and soul to finally reach the brass ring that has continued to evade him during his tenure in PPW while Chase put everything he had into keeping his reign alive and staying a triple champion, but the match ended in somewhat controversial fashion when, as Anakin had Chase in a pinning predicament, Sem Sei came through the curtain, took the bell from the timekeeper, and rang it a fraction of a second before the referee could make the three count. Thinking he had finally reached the summit, Anakin broke off the pin and immediately began asking for what he though was his newly won championship. However, unbeknownst to Anakin, the match was still ongoing. In a spirit of sportsmanship, Chase tried to regain Anakin’s attention, but Anakin was still clouded by the elation brought on by what he thought was his victory. After failing to call Anakin back to the match, Chase finally lost his patience and rolled Anakin up from behind, pinning the standout from the Premier Academy and dashing his dreams of championship glory. However, Chase showed tremendous humility in victory when he not only publicly acknowledged Anakin after the match, but also led the Premier Planet in singing “Happy Birthday” to him — a small gesture of friendship after a hard fought championship bout.

Despite a devastating defeat after coming so close to winning the title, Anakin will get a chance at redemption when he competes to become #1 contender to Chase’s title, but first he’ll have to go through the other half of the PPW World Tag Team Champions and the only four-time World Champion in PPW history, “The World Exclusive” Matt Vine.

Also coming up this Saturday night, another contendership will be decided when Iniestra returns to team with Sem Sei against the duo of “Not Bad” Chad and Jose Acosta to determine who will become the next in line to challenge Chase Gosling and Matt Vine for the PPW World Tag Team Championships.


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