Full Results #PPW253

Full match results from June 1, 2019 #PPW253 taping at Premier Pro Wrestling studios in Woodstock, IL and Post Show Wrap Up with Justin Barlow.



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After laying dormant for close to two years, PPW’s signature match, the Armageddon Gauntlet, was resurrected at #PPW253 and would crown a new number one contender to the PPW World Heavyweight Championship who would earn their match in the main event the very same night. With an opportunity to reach the summit of Premier Pro Wrestling on the line, twelve competitors found themselves with a golden opportunity, but luck of the draw would play a key role as all participants were drawn at random to determine the order in which they would join the match.

Drawing perhaps the unluckiest spot in the match was Skye Blue, entering at number one but she was able to overcome her first round opponent, Ultimo León, to score the first fall in the gauntlet and move on, but Skye’s hopes would be dashed when she fell to Anakin in the second round. Moving on to the third round of the gauntlet, Anakin found himself face-to-face with his former friend and tag team partner, Chase Gosling, who utilized the lumberjacks on the outside to beat down Anakin which enabled Chase to execute a leg drop to the back of Anakin’s neck and pick up the pin, but “Mr. Electricity’s” dreams of championship glory were shattered by the next man in the gauntlet, José Acosta, who was able to pull off a victory and eliminate Chase from the match. From there, José was then able to eliminate Premier Academy standout, Pancho, but the tide turned when “The Science” Marcus Smith entered the gauntlet. Thanks to grabbing hold of José’s tights for added leverage during a pin, Marcus was able to eliminate José from the match, but karma came knocking for Marcus when he was pinned and eliminated by “The Bone Dawg” Bryce Akers who was then forced to compete against his tag team partner and the man he would team with later in the evening to challenge for the PPW World Tag Team Championships, Not Bad Chad, but when Iniestra and Semsei got involved the match erupted it into chaos and, as all four men fought their way back through the curtain, the referee made the ten count, eliminating all four men from the match. This left just one competitor who had not yet entered the gauntlet, N.P.K. Due to the four-way elimination, there were no other participants left, making N.P.K. the winner and new number one contender! He would now face the greatest challenge of his young career in the main event when he would go on to challenge for the PPW World Heavyweight Championship.


Having cost each other a potential opportunity at the PPW World Heavyweight Championship in the Armageddon Gauntlet, champions and challengers had extra incentive going into a 2-out-of-3 falls match for the PPW World Tag Team Championships. Having earned their opportunity weeks prior, the number one contenders, Not Bad Chad and Bryce Akers, believed their night of glory was upon them and, at first, it seemed they might be the ones to finally dethrone the self-proclaimed “special people” when they took advantage of a momentary breakdown in communication between the champions which enabled the challengers to roll up both of their opponents for a double pin and take the critical first fall, but the champions answered right back when Sem delivered a swinging neckbreaker to Chad to score the second fall. With the match now in sudden death, it was do or die for both sides and it seemed that the day belonged to Bryce and Chad, but when Iniestra and Sem were able to reverse a double team attempt and deliver one of their own, the championship dreams of Bryce and Chad were crushed as Iniestra and Sem picked up the third and final fall to save their reign as PPW Tag Team Champions, but the champions were not through with their opponents yet and initiated an attack from behind as Bryce and Chad tried to get back to their feet. However, the champions were chased off by the reunited duo of former Tag Team Champions, Anakin and José. Furious at the disrespect shown to his friends, Anakin threw out a challenge to Iniestra and Sem for a tag team match against him and José at #PPW254. The match has been set and the two teams will collide in non-title action this Saturday!


After winning the Armageddon Gauntlet and becoming number one contender to the PPW World Heavyweight Championship, N.P.K. was just two falls away from achieving his ultimate goal of becoming PPW Champion, but in his way stood the reigning five-time champion, Matt Vine. Many felt that N.P.K. wouldn’t have what it took to go toe-to-toe with “The Symbol of Excellence,” but the naysayers were in for quite a surprise when N.P.K. unleashed a furious offense on the champion in the opening round. However, his momentum was stalled when Matt was able to turn the tide and set his sights on N.P.K.’s left leg, grounding him and giving Matt the opportunity to lock in a figure four submission. While N.P.K. fought through the pain as much as he could, it became too much to handle and he was forced to tap out, giving the first fall to the champion, Matt Vine. When the bell sounded for round two, Matt immediately went back to focusing his attack on the injured leg of N.P.K., but just when it seemed like N.P.K. could take no more, he left many stunned when he was able to regain the offense, put the champion on the mat, and lock in a modified Texas cloverleaf, forcing the champion to tap out and give up the second fall. With the brass ring of PPW now within reach, N.P.K. dug deep and mustered every ounce of heart he had left in a effort to seize his dream and dethrone Matt Vine, but getting caught in the moment, N.P.K. launched the champion over the top rope with a slingshot, sending him to the outside where an exhausted N.P.K. could not reach him and where Matt was unable to get back into the ring before the referee reached the count of ten, making N.P.K. the winner of the match, but leaving Matt Vine still PPW World Heavyweight Champion.


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