Full Results #PPW264

Full match results from August 17, 2019 #PPW264 taping at Premier Pro Wrestling studios in Woodstock, IL and Post Show Wrap Up with Justin Barlow.



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In a variation of PPW’s newest original concept match, the Fight 4 a Corner Challenge, eight of PPW’s young and hungry talents went toe-to-toe in four one-on-one matches with the winners earning a place in the All In / All Out battle royal to determine the order of entries in the #1 contenders gauntlet later in the evening. The first to advance would be Connor Corr who bested Ultimo León in the opening contest. Connor would then be joined by Pancho and Not Bad Chad who earned victories over The Flying Phoenix and Brother Dave respectively. The last competitor to advance would be “The Bone Dawg” Bryce Akers who bested Ventura in the final match to close out the openings in the battle royal. These four would now have the opportunity to compete for a chance to face the PPW World Heavyweight Champion, Matt Vine, in the main event.


Eleven of PPW’s best and brightest had their eyes firmly locked on a chance to become #1 contender going into a battle royal which would determine their order of entry in the “All In / All Out” gauntlet that was to follow. The longer a competitor could keep himself from being eliminated, the later his entry in the gauntlet would be, giving him an edge in pursuit of a title opportunity in the main event. One by one, competitors were thrown over the top rope in the following order:

“Mr. Electricity” Chase Gosling
Wrestling Andy
“The Bone Dawg” Bryce Akers
Slick Willy
Connor Corr
Not Bad Chad

When all but four competitors had been eliminated, the reigning PPW World Tag Team Champions, Anakin and José Acosta, found themselves in the ring with their bitter rivals and former Tag Team Champions, “El Mero Mero” Iniestra and “The American Ninja Warrior” Semsei. Knowing neither team could afford to lose a partner, the four fought it out until Iniestra found himself the first to be eliminated, leaving Sem at a distinct disadvantage as he was now all alone against both Anakin and José, but Sem’s resourcefulness carried him through as he was able to eliminate both Anakin and José and become the last man to enter the #1 contenders gauntlet, giving him the best possible odds of facing Matt Vine for the PPW Championship in the main event.


With the order of entries decided by the battle royal, the eleven participants would now clash to see who would enter the main event to face the PPW Champion, Matt Vine. The order of matches and eliminations were as follows:

Chase Gosling def. Wrestling Andy by way of pin fall
Chase Gosling def. Bryce Akers by way of submission
Slick Willy def. Chase Gosling by way of pin fall
Connor Corr def. Slick Willy by way of pin fall
Not Bad Chad def. Connor Corr by way of pin fall
Pancho def. Not Bad Chad by way of disqualification
Iniestra def. Pancho by way of pin fall
José Acosta def. Iniestra by way of pin fall
José Acosta and Anakin ends in a double count out

With both Anakin and José now out of the gauntlet, the stage was set for the final round of the contest, but it was quickly revealed that only one competitor remained and, due to the double count out, the winner and new #1 contender by default was Sensei who reveled in his easy victory on his way to the ring for the main event.


Going into the main event, PPW World Heavyweight Champion, “Vineacus” Matt Vine, had expected a worn out challenger who had just endured a grueling gauntlet match to earn his place as challenger. However, the champion would have to bring all he had to the contest, because he now stood face-to-face with a fresh and motivated challenger in “The American Ninja Warrior” Semsei in a one-fall-to-a-finish PPW World Heavyweight Championship match. Despite losing the PPW World Tag Team titles a number of weeks back, Sem and his partner, Iniestra, have been granted a match against the reigning champions, Anakin and José Acosta, at #PPW265 and Sem wanted nothing more than to enter the match with the PPW World Championship around his waist, but even though Sem surprised the champion with tenacious offense and defense throughout the match, even kicking out of the piledriver that has sealed the fates of numerous challengers before him, he could not recuperate when he was hit with a swinging inverted neckbreaker and Matt Vine was able to overcome the self-proclaimed ninja master to add another week to his already record-setting title reign.


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