Full Results #PPW266

Full match results from August 31, 2019 #PPW266 taping at Premier Pro Wrestling studios in Woodstock, IL and Post Show Wrap Up with Justin Barlow.



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In the return of PPW’s newest signature concept, rookies and veterans tangled in a three stage match to determine who would earn the opportunity to step up and challenge the reigning PPW World Heavyweight Champion for the title at #PPW267. Stage one consisted of four one-on-one matches with the winners earning their way into a four corners tag team elimination match. In the opening contest, Ultimo León defeated Ventura to be the first to advance. He was then joined by Connor Corr who bested Brother Dave and they would then be joined by “The Bone Dawg” Bryce Akers who picked up a win over The Flying Phoenix. With only one spot remaining, Pancho, accompanied by and coached throughout the match by his newfound allies, the PPW World Tag Team Champions, Iniestra and Semsei, would utilize a handful of tights to steal a victory from The American Beard to complete the field.

In stage two, the four winners were then teamed up with four other entrants who had been given a bye in the challenge based on their current win / loss records. Ultimo León would be teamed with Pancho, Connor Corr with Anakin, José Acosta with Not Bad Chad, and Bryce Akers with “Mr. Electricity” Chase Gosling. One-by-one, teams were eliminated until only one was left standing. Despite being different competitors in just about every way, it would be the team of Bryce Akers and Chase Gosling who prevailed and moved on to the third and final stage of the challenge where they would face off to determine who would be next in line to challenge for the PPW World Heavyweight Championship.

Assuming his partner-turned-opponent would be too exhausted from having already gone through one one-on-one match and a four corners tag team match in which he had eliminated two of the teams himself, Chase perceived an easy victory over the battle worn “Bone Dawg,” but even with the fatigue of battle coursing through his body, Bryce proved to be anything but a pushover as, time and time again, he fended of Chase’s offense, even fighting his way out of Chase’s signature submission maneuver, the Saturday Night Special. However, in the end, Bryce’s exhaustion coupled with Chase’s size, strength, and experience proved to be “The Bone Dawg’s” undoing as Chase seized on one critical opening to deliver the deciding blow and it would be Chase left standing as the sole survivor, earning his way into the main event of #PPW267 and putting him just one step away from winning back the PPW World Heavyweight Championship for a fourth time.


Out to prove that Slick Willy had picked up an empty victory at #PPW265 when he defeated the champion by way of count-out, reigning five-time champion, Matt Vine, challenged the fast-rising young star to a rematch with the gold on the line. As customary of all PPW championship matches, the contest would be decided in two-out-of-three falls and the first fall went to the challengers when Willy rolled through an attempted cross body from the champion, but “Vineacus” answered back by using his well of upper body strength to pull his two hundred and sixty pound opponent into a backslide from which Willy could not escape before the three count. With the score tied and one fall to go, the challenger had only one chance left to dethrone the longest reigning champion of the current era. With the Premier Planet firmly behind him, Willy threw everything he could at the champion to find one fatal flaw in the self-proclaimed descendant of Spartacus’s armor, but his last offensive barrage would be turned against him when, in a near mirror of the first fall, Matt used Willy’s own momentum against him to roll through an attempted pin and kept the two hundred and sixty pounder down just long enough for the referee to make the three count, extending Matt’s record-setting fifth reign as PPW Champion another week.


After regaining their “women” at #PPW265 thanks to an assist from their new ally, Pancho, Iniestra and Semsei would be given a week off from defending the gold, but it would be anything but a vacation as the two would be teamed with Pancho to take on the six-man team of the former Tag Team Champions, Anakin and José Acosta, and their partner and a man who has developed his own issues with Pancho, Not Bad Chad. With Pancho following Iniestra and Sem’s lead, the three men employed a divide-and-conquer strategy, routinely taking advantage of distractions to the referee in order to isolate one opponent and use numbers to their advantage, leaving Anakin, José, and Chad in dire straits for much of the matchup, but the same tenacity that has taken Anakin and José to multiple reigns as Tag Team Champions finally turned the tables and, as Anakin and José handled Iniestra and Sem on the outside, Pancho attempted to make Chad submit with a Boston crab. Chad, however, was able to reverse the maneuver, roll through, and score a pin fall over Pancho, bringing home the win. The celebration would be short-lived, however, as Pancho and the Tag Team Champions immediately began an all out assault on the victors, resulting in them causing a significant amount of damage to Anakin’s knee. Once Pancho and the champions were satisfied with the damage they had inflicted, they left José and Chad, along with Bryce Akers, to tend to the injured Anakin, helping him back to his feet as Premier COO, Randy Ricci, entered the ring to address the situation. Not believing that Anakin’s knee would be in any condition to endure a two-out-of-three falls match at #PPW267, Randy removed Anakin from the scheduled Tag Team Championship match despite Anakin’s protests and words of assurance that he would be ready. However, rather than watch his friends lose their chance to regain the titles by way of forfeit, Bryce stepped up to the plate and offered himself as a substitute for Anakin and, at #PPW267, Bryce will team with José to take on the PPW World Tag Team Champions, Iniestra and Semsei, for the titles!


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