Full Results #PPW276

Full match results from November 9, 2019 #PPW276 taping at Premier Pro Wrestling studios in Woodstock, IL and Post Show Wrap Up with Justin Barlow.



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Earlier this year, the wrestling world lost one of its true giants when the legendary King Kong Bundy, famous for his headlining match at WrestleMania 2 against Hulk Hogan among many other accolades, passed away at the age of 63. At #PPW276, the best and brightest of Premier Pro Wrestling paid homage to the wrestling legend by competing in a tournament with the stipulation that a wrestler could only advance by pinning his opponent for a count of five which had been one of Bundy’s trademarks as an in-ring performer. As if keeping your opponent down for a count of five wasn’t enough of a challenge, time would not be on the competitors’ sides in the opening round of the tournament, because competitors in each opening round match would only be given eight minutes to try and advance, meaning everyone involved would have to work as diligently as effectively as possible within a very short window. The last man standing in the tournament would be rewarded with a commemorative plaque and a guaranteed opportunity at the PPW World Heavyweight Championship at #PPW277. However, entering the tournament would be the PPW World Heavyweight Champion himself, “The Modern Day Gladiator” “Vineacus” Matt Vine. If Vine could outlast all others and achieve victory, he would earn a bye and be given a week off from having to defend his championship. The opening round matches and results proceeded as follows…

Anakin def. Pancho

Not Bad Chad def. Zero 1

“The Bone Dawg” Bryce Akers def. Zero 2 by way of disqualification (no advancements)

“The American Ninja Warrior” Semsei vs. Tim Castle ended in a time limit draw (no advancements)

José Acosta def. Connor Corr

“Mr. Electricity” Chase Gosling def. “The Love Machine” Matt Longtime

“El Mero Mero” Iniestra def. Ultimo León

Matt Vine def. The American Beard

With the table now set for the semifinals, the time limit for each match was increased to twelve minutes, but this still meant that each participant would have to work as swiftly as possible in order to pin his opponent for a count of five. In the semifinals, former partners collided and rivals looked to settle scores. In the semifinal round, which would determine who would advance to the finals, the results were as follows…

Anakin def. Chase Gosling

Iniestra def. José Acosta

Matt Vine def. Not Bad Chad

With three matches in the semifinals which produced three winners, the final round of the tournament was shaken up, because it would now be a triple threat match! It would be Matt Vine vs. Iniestra vs. Anakin!

No strangers to each other, the final three men in the tournament were given sixty minutes in order to better ensure that there would be a definitive winner, but with all three men having encountered each other so many times before in a variety of scenarios, the winner would need to be more calculating and more crafty than his opponents which meant capitalizing on whatever opening he could and trying to introduce new tactics unfamiliar to his opponents. With the match at a virtual stalemate, it came down to one crucial moment. As Matt Vine and Anakin duked it out, Iniestra was waiting for his opportunity and, with Anakin now out of the equation, Iniestra covered the champion and claimed the five count, winning the tournament and proudly showcasing his newly won commemorative plaque. Iniestra has now also earned an opportunity to challenge Matt Vine for the PPW World Heavyweight Championship at #PPW277!


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