Preview Show #PPW77

Rockin’ Randy Ricci and Dave the Awesome preview taping #77 in Woodstock, IL on 2/6/16.


Our Heavyweight Title Tournament Continues! Remember, the tournament continues until you are pinned twice. Here are the current standings:
1. Cutta Crosby (no losses)
2. “World Exclusive” Matt Vine (no losses)
3. Chase Gosling (no losses)
4. “Texas” Pete (no losses)
5. Iniestra (no losses)
6. Will Da Beast (no losses)
7. Ninja Zero-2 (no losses)
8. “Irish” Andy Anderson (1 loss)
9. Ninja Zero-1 (1 loss)
10. Ninja Zero-3 (1 loss)
11. “The Human Video Game” Scott Colton (1 loss)
12. “The Science” Marcus Smith (ELIMINATED)


“World Exclusive” Matt Vine vs. Iniestra
Both these competitors come into the 2nd round of the tournament without a loss and with the history these 2 have with each other this should be a HUGE matchup!

Chase Gosling vs. Cutta Crosby
In another 2nd round tournament matchup, former tag team partners meet up as Gosling and Crosby have it out one more time. Gosling’s been on a hot streak recently and Crosby had his best match in a long time the previous week against Marcus Smith!!

“Irish” Andy Anderson vs. Ninja Zero-1
With both these competitors having one loss already and the tournament on the line, Anderson and Zero-1 both know the stakes are high in this big tournament matchup!

“The Human Video Game” Scott Colton vs. Ninja Zero-3
With Colton experiencing a heartbreaking loss to Chase Gosling, the tournament favorite now sees himself at the bottom looking up. He will face Ninja Zero-3 who also experienced a loss to Iniestra.

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