Preview Show #PPW97

Randy Ricci and Justin Barlow preview the action for this Saturday’s LIVE taping at Premier Studios #PPW97 in Woodstock, IL!

Scott Colton (c) vs. “The 5 Tool Player” Chase Gosling
Last week, Gosling won the match via DQ after tricking the referee into thinking Scott Colton cheated. The referees have been re-trained and are now on the lookout for Gosling’s antics. Will this finally be the week Colton puts away Gosling for good?

“Irish” Andy Anderson vs. Ronny Metro
After Ronny Metro returned from injury and defeated Andy Anderson last week, potentially knocking out Andy Anderson in the process. Now there will be a rematch! Will Anderson get revenge or will Metro dish out even more punishment??

Iniestra vs. “World Exclusive” Matt Vine
Matt Vine and Iniestra have been trading the #1 contendership back and forth for weeks and last week ended in a no-contest when Chase Gosling interfered in an effort to keep getting title shots. Will there finally be a better man between the two?

“Mr. USA” Ulysses S. Adams vs. NInja Zero-2
Ninja Zero-2 picked up his first singles win last week, but will now face Ulysses S. Adams who has not been defeated in PPW!!!

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