Skye Blue vs Connor Corr #PPW243

When Connor Corr, Skye Blue, and The Russian Assassin were eliminated from the Challenge Pro Cup tournament the week prior due to going over the top rope and out to the floor at the same time, Connor placed all of the blame on Skye and challenged her to a match, but in his corner was the mysterious Russian Assassin who played a key role in the match and helped Connor steal a pin fall over Skye, but Connor hadn’t counted on the return of PPW veteran, Wrestling Andy, who came to the ring to bear witness to Connor’s misdeeds and put up an argument convincing enough to get the referee to reverse the decision and award the match to Skye. Furious, Connor picked up a microphone and challenged Andy and Skye to a tag team match against him and the Russian Assassin after the intermission.



With a chip now on their shoulders, Connor Corr and The Russian Assassin looked to exact revenge on the duo who, they felt, cost them a victory in the previous match, Skye Blue and the returning Wrestling Andy. Having been absent from PPW for a significant length of time, Andy came ready to throw down with anyone who wanted to step to PPW’s resident party animal and, with Skye Blue in his corner, the two ran roughshod over Connor and the Russian Assassin, but the referee eventually became distracted which enabled the Russian Assassin to re-enter the ring with the Soviet flag. Running the pole into Andy’s throat, The Assassin incapacitated him and was able to pin Andy for the win, but after tending to Andy and seeing the damage the Assassin had done with the flag, Skye Blue challenged him to a match at #PPW244, but with a special stipulation. Skye felt that, if the Russian Assassin wanted to bring a flag into play, then it is only fitting that their match should be contested as a flag match where the winner will be the first competitor to retrieve his/her country’s flag.


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