Weekly Recap #PPW89

Get caught up on everything that’s transpired this past week at Premier Studios, as we’re just hours away from #PPW89 tonight in Woodstock, IL.

“The Human Video Game” Scott Colton (c) vs. Iniestra
After last week’s match between Colton and Iniestra ended in a double disqualification when Matt Vine and Chase Gosling interfered. With Gosling suspended and Vine scared of the same fate, we will have a winner this week! Will their friendship survive this match or will the lust for the heavyweight title tear these friends apart?

“Irish” Andy Anderson vs. “World Exclusive” Matt Vine
Andy Anderson and Matt Vine have had their problems off and on for the past 6 months, but things boiled over last week in their lottery pairing tag team match. Vine was eliminated but he wasn’t done with Anderson and challenged him to a one-on-one match to stop Anderson’s bafoonery once and for all!

“Urban Rebellion” Cutta Crosby vs. “World Exclusive” Matt Vine
With Cutta’s original opponent, Chase Gosling suspended and Matt Vine equally to blame, PPW officials are making Vine do double duty facing both Crosby as well as Anderson in one night.

As most of you are already aware, due to their interference in the world title match between Scott Colton and Iniestra this past Saturday night, consequences have been served to both Matt Vine and Chase Gosling. Gosling has been suspended for one week and must stay out of the Premier Studio this Saturday while Vine faces what some would call a worse fate and has been ordered to face Andy Anderson in the ring. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until after these consequences were made official that we realized we had made a slight error that now needs to be corrected. Chase Gosling was scheduled to face his former tag team partner, Cutta Crosby, who scored an impressive victory over the 350 lb. “Incredible” Atlas J. Horn last week, but with Chase off the card for this Saturday, Cutta has been left with no opponent. Therefore, it is the decision of PPW that Matt Vine, regardless of his condition after his match with Andy, take Chase’s place and face Cutta Crosby. Unfair? We’re certain that Vine will think so, but while we believe in holding people accountable for their actions, we also believe in rewarding them for their accomplishments. So, if Matt Vine is somehow able to pick up victories over both Andy Anderson and Cutta Crosby this Saturday, he will be named the new number one contender for the PPW World Heavyweight Championship and will face the champion, whether it be Scott Colton or Iniestra, at our following taping on May 7!

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