Full Results #PPW205

Full match results from July 7, 2018 #PPW205 taping at Premier Pro Wrestling studios in Woodstock, IL and Post Show Wrap Up with Justin Barlow.



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After several weeks of grueling title defenses against the likes of Jay Bradley, TJ Steel, and a handicap match against Jose Acosta and Chase Gosling just one week prior, Matt Vine was not obligated to defend his championship or even compete at #PPW205. However, while Matt didn’t put the title on the line, he did opt to compete and his opponent was the crafty masked man from deepest, darkest Africa, Kim Chee who presented the champ with a worthy challenge, but fell victim to a jumping piledriver which sealed his fate and brought the champion a moral victory on his way to #PPW206 to defend the championship against the to-be-determined winner of the 2018 Contendership Challenge to take place later in the evening.


Finally back in action after being shelved with an injury at the hands of Iniestra and Sem Sei a number of weeks ago, Anakin, returned to action in the Premier Studio when he teamed up with Chase Gosling to take on their bitter rivals, Iniestra and Sem Sei. With a renewed fire, Anakin showed the tenacity and heart that has led to many in the Premier Planet to dub him PPW’s fastest rising star, refusing to give up even when his opponents kept him isolated from his partner for a significant portion of the match through a series of distractions that led to the referee to miss Anakin’s tag-ins to Chase. Finally breaking free from Iniestra and Sem, Anakin was eventually able to tag in Chase and together, they turned the tables on the opposition and it looked as if they might finally gain a measure of retribution for the injustices Iniestra and Sem have delivered to them over recent months, but as Anakin and Chase tried to send Iniestra and Sem on a collision course, Iniestra and Sem locked arms and used the forward momentum to turn themselves back into Anakin and Chase and, thanks to a couple of handfuls of tights, roll them up simultaneously for the 1-2-3.


For weeks, it seems that Connor Corr, a supposed man of his word, has been finding loophole after loophole in order to further delay an in-ring encounter with long-time rival, Skye Blue. Sending in substitutes week after week in the form of Zeroes 1, 2, 3, and 4, Connor was able to distract Skye and give Zero 4 a victory over her by way of count out the week prior at #PPW204, but due to the circumstances and Connor’s involvement in the match, Skye was granted a rematch against Zero 4 at #PPW205 with the condition that, should she win, Connor will have no choice but to finally get into the ring with her. Connor however, had an ace up his sleeve and when Zero 4 emerged through the curtain, it was a much larger Zero 4 than had been seen at #PPW204. Smelling a rat, Skye immediately called Connor out on what seemed to be a completely evident ruse. However, Connor insisted that Zero 4’s change in size was due to nothing more than Connor’s expert coaching and strict training regimen. Despite her beliefs about the opponent who stood before her, Skye was not about to let her opportunity to get her hands on Connor slip away and agreed to face this much larger version of Zero 4. Being at a significant disadvantage in size and strength, Skye had difficulty in the early goings of the match trying to find an Achille’s heel on Zero 4 and it seemed like Zero 4 might be too much for Skye to handle, but the never-say-die attitude that has made Skye so popular among the Premier Planet was on full display and she eventually found the opening she needed. While applying a front face lock to Zero 4, Skye found herself in the air and it seemed as though Zero 4 was preparing to deliver some type of power maneuver which could have ended the match, but Skye was able to muster enough momentum to swing downward and deliver a DDT to Zero 4, stunning him and giving her just enough time to pick up a pin fall victory. Per the stipulation of the match, Skye has now earned her match against Connor Corr which will take place this Saturday night at #PPW206.


In recent weeks, Premier officials have been coming up with ways to think outside the box in regard to the #1 contendership to the PPW World Heavyweight Championship that not only level the playing field for the competitors hoping to clinch that spot, but entertain the Premier Planet to the fullest extent in the process. At #PPW205, a contendership challenge took place. Before the taping, all of the participants drew numbers at random which would dictate their order of entry into the match. Two competitors started the Challenge. Elimination rules applied with eliminations being scored by way of pin fall, submission, or by throwing one’s opponent over the top rope and to the floor below. The last competitor standing would become the new #1 contender and receive a title match against the champion at #PPW206.

Starting the match at numbers 1 & 2 were two young men who, in recent weeks, have both tasted main event status by earning title shots, Levi and Jose Acosta. Levi was able to overcome Jose with a sunset flip to score a pin fall, but was immediately jumped by the next entrant, “The Science” Marcus Smith, who wasted no time trying to get the early edge and rolled Levi up for a pin thanks to a handful of Levi’s tights. Marcus was then confronted by “Not Bad” Chad who successfully eliminated Marcus from the Challenge by throwing him over the top rope and down to the floor, but Chad’s momentum was ceased when he was pinned by Connor Corr who then fell victim to a cross arm breaker on behalf of Sem Sei who forced Connor to tap out. Sem’s victory over Connor was bittersweet, however, as the next entrant turned out to be none other than “The Hunk with the Tree Trunks” Chase Gosling, a heavy favorite in the Challenge. See nearly took Chase out of the Challenge thanks to a low blow out of sight of the referee, but Chase was able to quickly recuperate and used the momentum of sending Sem into the ropes to roll him up for a pin fall, but Sem left Chase with an unpleasant parting gift in the form of another low blow after the bell. This allowed the next entrant, Iniestra, to run in and pick up the pieces, quickly scoring a pin fall on Chase which led Iniestra into the final round to face off against the final participant, Anakin. Leaving nothing to chance, the two battled to a stalemate until both found themselves in a precarious position on the ropes. That was when Anakin was able to lock Iniestra in a head scissors and, with an impressive amount of strength, Anakin conjured enough torque on Iniestra’s body to pull him over the top rope and to the floor, making Anakin the winner of the match and the new #1 contender! Anakin now goes on to this Saturday night to face PPW World Heavyweight Champion, Matt Vine, for the gold! Will Anakin prove to simply be a speed bump on Matt Vine’s championship road or will the ultimate underdog overcome all the odds and become the youngest PPW World Heavyweight Champion in history?


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