Full Results #PPW78

Full match results from last Saturday’s #PPW78 taping at Premier Pro Wrestling studios in Woodstock, IL.

February 13th – Woodstock, IL


Ninja Zero-1 defeated Ninja Zero-2 in a ninja matchup!

Iniestra defeated “Texas” Pete when Pete’s previously broken ankle seemingly gave out on him and Iniestra took advantage. Both men leave with 1 loss in the tournament.

Matt Vine defeated Cutta Crosby to eliminate him from the title tournament! Matt Vine goes into next weeks championships with 1 loss.

“Texas” Pete was to compete twice as he didn’t have doctors clearance last week, but he was unable to compete in this matchup so Scott Colton faced Will Da Beast in a tournament elimination match. Despite Will Da Beast’s size and strength, Colton caught him off guard for a quick pinfall. Colton moves on to the final week next Saturday and Will Da Beast/”Texas” Pete are eliminated.

In a terrific main event, Andy Anderson lost via DQ to Chase Gosling after seemingly not knowing the rules. This eliminated Andy from the tournament and sent Chase without a loss into the semi-finals. Andy took his frustrations out on the referee after the match. He’s a wild man!!!

BUY TICKETS for our next show February 20th in Woodstock, IL. We’ll have the Semi-finals and Finals of our Heavyweight Tournament. 4 men remain: Scott Colton, Matt Vine, Iniestra and Chase Gosling!